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Premium Roasted Sesame Dressing

Made with sesame paste, ground sesame and vinegar, sesame dressing is one of the most popular types of dressings in Japan. Creamy and umami-rich Premium Roasted Sesame Dressing features the bold taste of premier sesame seeds sourced from Kuki, a long-standing sesame manufacturer established in Mie Prefecture in 1886. The sesame paste used in the dressing is the most refined type and boasts a silky smooth texture, nut-like aroma and robust taste.

The dressing is also made with two types of ground sesame seeds, coarse and fine, which exhibit a unique texture and complexity of taste. Aromatic apple vinegar also adds mellow acidity to the dressing. Each ingredient is unheated before blending;
therefore there is no loss of genuine taste, aroma, and nutritious components. Great as a salad dressing, but it can also be enjoyed as a sauce for cold noodles, a dipping sauce for vegetables, and a marinade for meat and fish. How to use Premium Roasted Sesame Dressing: This umami-rich dressing is not only great with salad, but also as a sauce for cold tofu, dipping sauce for vegetables, pasta sauce, coleslaw mix, and seasoning sauce for ramen. Its robust and nutty taste profile accompanies meat very well, particularly with dishes like boiled and shredded chicken and shabu shabu.

10 fl oz

Made in Japan