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Ear Crawler - Ripple

An Ear Crawler is perfect for those of you that like wearing lightweight earrings you can mix and match. These double as thread in dangles or can be rotated on your earlobe and worn as an ear crawler. They are sold individually, not per pair, so you can mix and match more easily!

These earrings are mindfully made with high-quality, gold-filled wire. They are safe for sensitive ears.

The earrings are approximately 3/4 in long and fit snug on you ear lobe so they won't fall off easily. If you have thicker ear lobes and are worried about how these will fit, send me a message first or write me a note at checkout, and I can make the loop a little wider!

To wear, carefully thread the straight end into your ear, feeding it through until it reaches the midpoint of the earring. To wear as an ear crawler, rotate the earring onto your ear lobe. These earrings are best suited for ear lobes, not other piercing locations; see model photo for reference. Be careful not to bend the earring as you thread them into your piercing, I do my best to harden the wire before I send out the earrings, but they are still quite delicate in nature.

Made is Seattle