Greeting Cards

Birthday Card Sets

BREAKING NEWS: Grandma was right, greeting cards will make a comeback, mark her words...and the Age of Corona has made it so. What better way to show your loved one they are not forgotten (from 6+ feet away) with a card. 

Four sets, each contain four cards. All cards are blank inside.

Set #1:
OMG It's Your Birth Day 
Gal flying away with balloons - Happy Birthday -
Yellow fruit - Happiest Birthday -
Floral - Happy Birthday -

Set #2:
Cat faces and poses - May Your Birthday Be Filled With Cats (And Cake) -
Happy You Day -watercolor shapes-
Two bears holding ice cream cones - Happy Birthday - locally made
Rabbit holding balloons - Happy Birthday -

Set #3
Colorful frames - Happy Birthday -
Rabbit holding gifts - Happy Birthday -
Letterpress roses - Happy Birthday -
Klassen squirrels wearing hats holding balloons - Happy Birthday -

Set #4
Rabbit - Have a Super Birthday-
Whale + fishies - Have a Whale of a Birthday-
Felines Embrace - Happy Birthday from Me to Mew-
Pug in a hat - Happy Birthday to You-


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