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Cone Shaped Bluetooth Speaker

Speaker or Art? Both. An unusual, and aesthetically pleasing listening device for your living/working space. This speaker has built in TWS technology, so you can pair up two speakers for a surround sound experience.

Product features:

- Frequency Range: 80Hz - 18kHz
- Power Input: DC IN 5V === 0.5A
- Powered by: Li-ion 1200mAh Rechargeable Battery
- Speaker:  1" tweeters
- Touching Control
- SNR (Signal Noise Ratio): +/ = 75dB
- Connectivity: Bluetooth® 4.0 Technology, Audio In jack (3.5 mm stereo)
- Speaker Watts: 5W
- Product Material: Aluminum + ABS in walnut and black body finish
- Dimensions: L x H x D = 140 x 160 x 60 (mm)