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Land of the Rising Cat Book

From the publisher:

"In a country with millions of cat owners, it’s not unusual to find felines in coffee shops, hotel lobbies, and museums; being taken for stroller rides; or even serving as train stationmasters. But how did this cat mania start? Why does it continue to grow? And—are there really Buddhist funeral services for cats? In this lively, tip-to-tail cat compendium, Japanese culture maven Manami Okazaki shares the weird and wonderful realities of Japan’s cat shrines, temples, and festivals; interviews toy artisans, fashion designers, and even an architect; and looks at cat-centric social media, manga, and mascots. This book is the purrrfect addition to any cat-lover’s coffee table."

Paperback, with flaps. 176 pages. 7.8" x 9.5" inches.
180 color illustrations