All of Heiando's lacquerware is made in Japan using the same production methods and craftsmanship that have continued for nearly 100 years. Heiando's mission and work involve preserving an important Japanese traditional craft and to pass the knowledge base and craftsmanship down to future generations.


Wooden Products
 In Japan where table manners require holding bowls with your hands, there is a direct connection with using gentle wooden tableware and untensils. Following Japanese cultural wisdom, tableware made from natural wood allows the heat to be gently transmitted to your hands and mouth.

Care of Lacquerware
1. Wash in luke warm water with a soft cloth and rinse.
2. Avoid direct sunlight.
3. Keep away from stoves or heaters and avoid excessive dryness and humidity.
4. Do not stack on top of other lacquer products.
5. Wipe off fingerprints.
6. To restore luster, polish with a soft dry cloth and, if necessary, apply a few drops of vegetable oil.

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