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Upcoming Shows:

Seattle Metals Guild Jewelry Exhibition
October  1 - 29, 2016  |  at KOBO (at Higo)
Exhibition Opening: Sat 10/1 2-6pm
SMG Symposium Reception: Sun 10/16 2-5pm
Gallery Talk by Jennifer Navva Millken,
Curator of Carft, Bellvue Arts Museum: Sun 10/16 3pm

Simple Cup Show 2016  10th Annual
Saturday, November 12, 2016  | at KOBO (at Higo)
Showcasing ceramic artists from North America and Japan
Presented by Seward Park Clay Studio & KOBO Gallery

 >>>  Click here to see the photos form the show

Past Shows:

Azumi Hosoda, Modern Japanese Wax Resist Dyeing
Click here to see photos from this show.

Simple Cup Show 2015
Click here to see the photos from 2015 Simple cup show.

Reid Ozaki & Matt Allison, Ceramics

September, 2015
Click here to see Reid Ozaki's from this show.
Click here to see Matt Allison's from this show. 

Rob Vetter, Paintings
July, 2015
Click here to see Rob Vetter's from this show.